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Breaking out of design trends


There are many generic solutions out there, and many websites look very similar. How do we break out of this pattern? How do we get creative? We could highlight a few interesting creative techniques/approaches.

Suggested by: Rachel Andrew


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  • 29 Jan
    Vitaly Friedman

    Was going to tackle this one next ;-)

  • 29 Jan
    Olivier Forget

    This is a great topic, and a tough one that I imagine is going to involve a number of "eat your vegetables" recommendations: ditch that framework, learn CSS, no really really learn CSS, and practice practice practice!

    I look forward to reading it as it is near and dear to my heart and mind right now. :)

  • 05 Mar
    Gerard V

    Indeed yes this. So many websites look like other websites and imply "I'm just like the other folks, nothing unique here, move along". And there are waves of "design features" that move through the web starting with a few and then becoming ubiquitous with the advent of the corresponding wordpress plugin or theme. How can people stay fresh, unique and interesting?

  • 10 Mar
    Halian Vilela

    That would be very important to take into consideration the forms of "breaking out" of design trends without destroying a web site consolidated mental model. We have to think that most of our users look at a website looking for information or very specific stuff. Attempts to breaking out or being over-avant-garde are also risky if it frustrates the user main purpose.

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