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Switching to a setup with static site generators


Would love to see in article going into details on how to move from an existing setup (e.g. WordPress) to exporting and migrating data to a static site generator-based setup.

Suggested by: Vitaly Friedman

Under consideration

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  • 06 Jan
    Benoit Henry

    And i'm also really interested to understand how to put static sites online with Git or Netlify.

  • 31 Jan
    Oihana Alberdi

    I´m also interested on adding CMS-functionality to static site generators

  • 06 Feb
    Jake Rayson

    Kind of related, how is Smashing getting on with their new set up? 🙂

  • 16 Feb

    I would like to see how to switching from WP to Publii static cms

  • 16 Feb
    Michel Binkhorst

    I’d like to see this article be a different from other articles about ssg’s. How to use ssg's has been discussed all over. I’d like to see a practical article that shows one or more strategies using a typical and a more complex wordpress site (no simple blogs out of the box) and exporting that to a static site. Best workflows, pitfalls, etc. And what if you have a small woocommerce part? Some plugins exist to do this, none of them seem to work really well or have an inefficient workflow.

  • 22 Feb
    Michael N

    I think this would be a great topic. A lot of people use CMS's like WordPress and Drupal, so maybe a real-world example of migrating to Jekyll ( or Hugo (

    Also, I know Jekyll has an "admin panel" gem (, so maybe go into detail on how you can better manage content and users using static site generators.

  • 05 Mar

    I use WordPress for my sites & blogs. I am very interested in static sites based on ReactJS or similar site generators.

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